Informing, educating and empowering youth to change the world.

YPWC is best known for its series of Anti-poverty& youth employment programme as well as the Youth e-Consultations on Migration & Development (see: http://groups.tigweb.org/migration), which began in 2009, for high-level events that include the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD). YPWC’s collaboration with UNICEF VoY, Global Youth Action Network, and TakingITGlobal led to the first youth statement for the 2nd GFMD for global policy makers and practitioners.

YPWC with UN Millennium Campaign and Youth Service America, since 2007 have mobilized young people in Ghana and abroad to undertake environmental sustainability projects and campaigned for sustainable development, poverty reduction, and equitable growth/development (See: http://www.ypwc.org/home/impacts-made/). YPWC, in collaboration with Peace Child International, hosted the West African Youth for Sustainable Development Regional prepcom to build capacity of youth and seek youth perspectives in the lead up to Rio +20. (see: http://waysd2011.testdbyte.web.id/). With C.E.G.A. Foundation and five other partners from Europe and UK, we are participated in the Youth of the World! Project aimed to mainstream Global Education in youth work: http://youthoftheworld.org/ ). Currently, the organisation is an associate partner in the Map Your Meal project funded by the EU.

Young People We Care (YPWC) is a registered youth-led and youth-focused, non-profit organization that is headquartered in Ghana and has satellite offices in the UK, Canada and USA. The organization is operated by young people (ages 15–35) and adult allies working on youth and development related issues worldwide. At YPWC, we are passionate about sustainable development, the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals and the promotion of a culture of peace and universal human rights for all.

Placing our experience in youth led development, global network of organizations and our national presence in Ghana and regional presence in Africa at the service of the project; we believe we can achieve the broadest impact in working with the lead applicant of this project to engage and promote the participation of young people to make constructive contribution to addressing the youth, human development and sustainable development issues.